Genomic data storage in one simple software package.

With no coding required!

Ready to incorporate multi-omics into your research? Skygenic storage was designed by researchers to overcome big data requirements with absolutely no coding in an intuitive graphical interface.

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HIPAA Compliance

Storage of PHI isn’t a challenge anymore.

Organize Intelligently

Folders, projects and tags right at your fingertips.

Seamless Data Compression

Pay pennies on the dollar with SkyGenic compression tools.

Collaborate Globally

Invite anyone to join a project or view results with just a click.

Upload/Download Anything

Never again worry about data and storage limits.

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Storage

Protected health information is safe and secure regardless of the file size.

Genome sequencing is now social.

Share files with anyone in the world in a secure environment. Advanced permissions allow colleagues access to data for project collaboration or their own research.

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Save money, work faster

Up to 97% data compression for a lower-cost data storage solution.

Skygenic offers custom data compression specifically designed for genomic data making long-term cloud storage economically feasible.


Unlimited file sizes!

Whole genome, whole exome, or transcriptomic data of any size is easy to transfer, upload, or download into Skygenic.

Point & Click

No coding required!

Skygenic understands that researchers need to focus on their research and not coding so the entire site is designed with an intuitive graphical interface. Organize intelligently in a fraction of the time.

This software is amazing – I spend less time managing files and more time on my research.

Jennifer H. / Physician

Get started with Skygenic instantly – then get back to changing lives.

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