The most complete storage and analysis platform for genomic data

It’s no secret – technical roadblocks to your scientific progress are frustrating.

Feeling this way, our physician scientists searched for practical solutions. Finding none, we built Skygenic – a cloud-based software solution that requires no programming skills, no staff bioinformaticians, no local computing power, and no large reservoirs of storage space – Now, you can take control of your data and your research too.

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HIPAA Compliance

Storage of PHI isn’t a challenge anymore.

Organize Intelligently

Folders, projects and tags right at your fingertips.

Seamless Data Compression

Pay pennies on the dollar with SkyGenic compression tools.

Collaborate Globally

Invite anyone to join a project or view results with just a click.

Upload/Download Anything

Never again worry about data and storage limits.

Our Core Values

As physician scientists, we need a non-programming interface that is intuitive and user-friendly.

We want to spend more time on our research. Instead of proprietary and opaque algorithms, we desire transparency with analytic tools that are reputable and peer reviewed. The ability to store and share large data sets is critical for collaboration, publication and scientific advancement.

How We’re Different

Skygenic solves the storage and analysis challenges for genomic data – especially for PHI.

Skygenic Storage focuses on crucial aspects of managing big data: transfers, storage, and sharing of extremely large files. This is coupled with an intuitive organizational system for data files. High levels of data compression make long-term Skygenic Storage economically feasible and accessible for every researcher.

Not everyone has access to a bioinformatician, so Skygenic Analysis was created with wizards to guide and advise researchers on quality control interpretation and the tools most appropriate for their experimental design. Time saving features such as easy file labeling, batch analyses and autonomous reporting are incorporated to make the analysis as efficient as possible.

Savings add up quickly

Up to 97% data compression for a lower-cost, HIPAA compliant, data storage solution.

Our data compression feature allows significant storage cost savings vs existing storage methods of an external hard drive or a local server.

Your time is precious!

Super computing power, unlimited file size uploads, batch analysis, autonomous reporting and our file labeling system are all designed to improve your efficiency and save you time.

This software is amazing – I spend less time managing files and more time on my research.

Jennifer H. / Physician

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